• Saving Money When You Buy Varifocals Online

    With the continuing economic recession and prices in the high street stores continuing to rise faster than incomes, many people are having to make savings in as many areas of spending as they possibly can. When it comes to health and well-being it is sometimes difficult to save money but now one area where you can make substantial savings with the help of an online retailer is your prescription glasses. That retailer is the UKs leading supplier of prescription glasses since 2003 – Glasses UK http://www.glassesuk.co.uk/

    Glasses UK sell the very cheapest single vision prescription glasses and bifocal glasses but one of their top sellers is varifocal glasses and they have supplied thousands of customers with varifocals saving them substantial amounts of money as can be seen on their testimonials page: http://www.glassesuk.co.uk/cheap-glasses/glasses-uk-testimonials.html

    Glasses UK offer a wide selection of cheap varifocals with prices starting at a very affordable £54.90 which includes the frame, lenses, case and cleaning cloth, a deal that cannot be beaten by any of the high street opticians. You can choose from plastic, rimless or metal, frames and they even offer varifocal with designer brand name frames such as Ray-Ban.

    By simply entering your prescription details on the relevant section of the Glasses UK website, choosing your frame and any optional extras such as tinted lenses, scratch resistant coating etc. and making your payment, your varifocal glasses will be made up and delivered to you as quickly as possible – most varifocal glasses are delivered within about 5-8 working days. And best of all you will have saved yourself money by buying from Glasses UK.

    For further information or any other queries, do not hesitate to contact their friendly customer service team on 0800 78 33 201

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