• Glasses UK – Ten Years Selling Glasses Online

    Amazing isn’t it? Here at “Glasses UK” we’ve been selling glasses online for 10 years this year. When we first started we were the only ones doing it. (We were called Bargain Specs in those days). We were surprised at just how quickly people started ordering from us – and that was with no advertising or promotion at all.

    As other companies copied our idea and built their own online glasses prescription websites we started extending our range of frames and added the varifocals option. Sales continued to grow. More competition followed. Many opticians who had previously been ‘outraged’ by the idea of selling glasses online now had their own sites built so they could compete too. So we started a revolution. And it’s still going on. It’s not quite as frantic now as the market is maturing but after 10 years online we know that price, service, accuracy and reliability count for a lot when selling online.

    We’re grateful to our customers, past and present who have helped Glasses UK become established and hopefully we’ll still be here in another 10 years time, still offering prescription glasses (and contact lenses through our sister site The Contact Lens Shop) at excellent prices online.

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