• Buying Prescription Glasses Online

    Many years ago we started Bargain Specs and launched the UK’s first ever online prescription glasses website. Later we changed the name to Glasses UK. In those days there was the High Street opticians or Us. Now there are hundreds of online suppliers. Most of them are actually the same high street opticians who made such a fuss when online suppliers first appeared. Now they have joined in the online revolution (although many of them have kept their website separate from the bricks and mortar shop).

    How do you negotiate your way when there is so much choice?

    • Firstly you need to be clear what you want. If you just want a cheap pair of prescription reading glasses (we sell them for just £14.90) then there’s no point in falling for the ‘two pairs for the price of one’ gimmick – as you only wanted 1 pair and in order to give one pair away free the seller is having to increase the price of the one pair – so you’ve paid twice as much for what you wanted and got a spare pair that you didn’t need!
    • Then look for experience. Who’s been selling online for a year and who’s been selling online for over a decade?
    • Look for testimonials. Are customers happy with the experience. (Take it with a pinch of salt though. Most sellers won’t put up any complaints that they get!)
    • Look for ease of use. Is the site simple and clear? Are there confusing options that you don’t need? Are you sure you know what you are buying?
    • Is the site in the UK? Some are based in the Far East – even though they look like UK sites? Delivery will be longer with these sites and there will be communication problems if you aren’t happy with the glasses.
    • Is there a phone number and address?

    Finally – use some common sense. Be clear about what you want and buy it online. If you’d like to discuss buying glasses just call us on 0800 78 33 201 of fill out our contact form.

    We look forward to helping to buy your next pair of glasses – and saving you money too.


    All of us at Glasses UK


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