About Buying Glasses Online

In 2003 we started a revolution. We built the first UK online prescription glasses retail site. In those days we were called Bargain Specs. A few years later we changed our name to Glasses UK.

Buying glasses online can save you money and time. But it can now be quite confusing – especially with many sites offering all sorts of gimmicky offers (e.g. Two for One for Frames over £49 etc.)

Our advice is to decide what you want before looking at each site. Don’t be misled by spurious offers. There’s no point in paying more to have two pairs if you only want one pair!

So – firstly. Find a frame you like, that is similar in size to one you already have – that is within your budget. (This is not as easy as it sounds because some sites hide the true cost so you have to go through the ordering process to find out the total. If this happens – leave the site immediately)

At www.GlassesUK.com we show the prices including the lenses.

Then decide what you want the glasses for (reading, distance, computer use, bifocal or varifocal).

Then enter your prescription details, then your address and payment details. Then … sit back and wait for your new glasses. It should be easy.

We’ll add more information to this as and when we can …

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