About Glasses UK

Glasses UK was the very first UK online prescription Glasses Retailer. Since we started (and we were called BARGAIN SPECS in the early days) lots of other competitors have entered the market, and some even claim that they came up with the idea. (They didn’t!)

We sell Glasses at prices that start at £14.90 complete! These are quality stylish frames and the price INCLUDES single vision lenses.

We also sell Bifocals and Varifocals with prices starting at £44.90 and £54.90 respectively. These are glasses that would be nearer £200 in the High Street opticians!

We also sell rimless glasses, designer glasses and safety glasses. In fact we sell so many glasses that it’s probably best if you have a look at our site at GLASSESUK.com

Thanks for reading this – and we hope you order glasses soon!

Mark and everyone at GlassesUK.com

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