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We have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and our answers. Hopefully you may find the answer to your query here. If not, please just email us and we'll try to answer your query as quickly as we can.

A. Because we do not add the large mark up that High Street Opticians have to add to cover the costs of High Street premises etc. We operate a cost-efficient organisation, with lo-cost premises and lean staffing levels and we often re-cycle packaging all of which allows you to benefit through much cheaper prices for the same spectacles that you would be buying on the High Street! Remember, our prices are for a complete pair (including frames, lenses, case, cloth, and VAT!)
A. We offer a dark sunglass style tint at no extra cost (free!). For gold/bronze/brown/copper frames the tint is brown. For silver/grey/black/gunmetal frames the tint is black. We also offer lenses which react to light ('Photochromic') for an extra £35. These are available in either grey or brown.
A. No - as long as you have a current prescription and you feel confident about entering the details into the ordering page, we don't need to see a copy. If you aren't confident, don't enter the prescription details and then scan/email or post a copy of your prescription to us.
A. Ask your optician. You should have been given a copy after your eye test. If not you can ask your optician to provide a copy as you are entitled to it.
A. The lens size is the width across the widest part of the lens (in mm). The bridge size is the width of the nose bridge. The arm length is the length of each arm. These sizes can usually be found on your current glasses by looking on the inside of the frame (usually the arms) so you can compare your glasses to the sizes shown on the site.
A. The answer is - maybe ! If it is greatly different, we may not be able to make the glasses as we would need to see you first which, as an internet-only retailer, we can't do. If the prescription details are only just outside the ranges shown please email us and we'll advise.
A. It's just £3.50 per order in the UK or £7.99 per order in the rest of Europe.
A. Contact us immediately (by phone or email) to let us know. If you contact us within 24 hours we should be able to amend your order. After that it may be too late because the lenses may already be made. Our phone number is 0800 78 33 201.
A. Yes, we do. In fact we sell designer style frames (stylish contemporary designs but not well-known brands) and also branded designer frames by some great brand names like Ray Ban, Gant, Guess, Donna Karan etc.. Just click on the 'Designer Frames' links on the left hand side of the home page. As with our other frames, our Designer Style and Designer Brand prices are much cheaper than you will find on the High Street.
A. Yes - we do. They are an extra £30. The bifocal lenses are the D-Segment variety. To order Bifocal lenses just select Bifocal on the 'use' drop down menu.
A. Yes - we do. We were the first to sell varifocals online in the UK and so we have more experience than most of our competitors. It's just £40 extra. Just select the Varifocal option when selecting the 'use' option. Note that the varifocal option is not available with all the frames (as not all of them are deep enough to accomodate varifocal lenses) so we have created a separate section for varifocal glasses. Please note that we may not be able to supply varifocal lenses if the 'React to light' (Photochromic) option is selected as well as High Index. Also if you do want thinner (High Index) lenses too - please select the 1.6 option only.
A. We supply a variety of brands of varifocal lens and some top quality non-branded types. We will use the most appropriate lens manufacturer for the frame and the options chosen. Some high street opticians suggest (often using this as a 'sell-up' tool) that there are 3 types or 'qualities' of varifocal lens. In fact there are lots.

To prevent confusion - and to keep the ordering process as simple and straightforward as possible we choose the varifocal lens for you. We use the best, most cost-effective varifocal lenses for the frame and options you have chosen.

A. Yes we do. We sell a range of stylish but functional safety glasses that exceed all the current standards. Just click on the safety glasses section for our range. All frames in our safety range are indistinguishable in comfort and appearance from high fashion eyewear but are safer and more durable than ordinary safety frames. All safety glasses come complete with FREE side shields which are removable, and FREE case, and FREE cleaning cloth. Please allow 10-15 working days for delivery of your Safety glasses.
A. Plastic - as they are light and durable. We don't supply glass lenses any more (as they are heavier and less durable).
A. Yes - normally we can. Again this depends on the prescription. If your prescription mentions prisms, email or call us for prices.
A. It means 'dioptre sphere' which basically means that there is no cylinder (or axis) for that eye. So please either select 'D.S.' or leave it unselected when entering the prescription details. If the prescription says D.S then there is no need to enter anything under axis either.
A. If your glasses are for distance only - don't worry as the 'addition' is only required if the glasses are going to be used for reading or close work. Sometimes opticians use the word 'Add' or 'Near' instead of 'addition'. Also they may only write it once but it normally applies to both eyes and is almost always the same value for both eyes (e.g. 'Add' +2.50 - should be entered for both eyes). If in doubt - leave the whole prescription area blank and fax, scan/email or post a copy of your prescription to us. If you are ordering 'intermediate' glasses please use the 'intermediate' or 'inter' addition (sometimes written as 'inter add').
A. If you have 'Inter' written on your prescription this means Intermediate (e.g. computer use). We only need this information if you require intermediate glasses. If you need reading, varifocal or bifocal glasses please use the 'NEAR' or 'READING' addition figure. For computer use or 'intermediate' glasses please use the 'INTER ADD' or 'INTERMEDIATE' addition. If you are ordering computer use glasses and the INTER addition figure is not on your prescription, please ask your optician for it.
A. Yes - we do offer HIGH INDEX (thinner) lenses. The options and prices are shown just above the 'add to cart' button in the 'optional extras' section on each page of frames. Bifocal and Varifocal lenses can only have 1.6 high index. Please note that high index lenses do take a few days extra to produce.
A. If you are not satisfied with your glasses, please return them with the case and all packaging within 10 working days of receipt and we'll refund the cost of the frames (excluding the cost of the lenses and any 'optional extras' that have been ordered) or if you prefer, we can exchange them for another frame (once) - making any price adjustment necessary. If you choose to have an exchange and we are unable we to re-use your lenses, we will need to charge you 'cost price' to re-make new lenses.

Please note: If you have ordered optional extras (e.g. coatings or high index lenses) we will still have to charge you for these even if you don't like the glasses.

Certain combinations of 'optional extras' may mean that the glasses take a few days longer to make.

If the glasses are found to be faulty within 12 months of purchase, please return them to us stating the problem. We will of course refund or replace. This does not cover mis-use or damage that is not due to a manufacturing fault. If you have broken, damaged or scratched the glasses you have bought from us, we may be able to repair them. Please email us for costs.

A. Yes we do. You'll need to order the glasses and pay for them as normal. Then when you have received them and are happy with them, you would sign and date the form in the appropriate places and then post it back to us. If the form has been completed correctly we will then refund you with the appropriate value (up to the maximum value of the order) using the payment method that you used to order the glasses. If you need any more information please contact us.
A. No. We are not allowed to. Please do not order for under 16 year olds.
A. Yes, just check the box at the bottom the order page (just above the 'add to cart' button) and we'll add the coating. It costs just £10 extra. Scratch resistant hard coating helps to protect the surface of the lens against scratches which can impair vision. Please note that scratch-resistant coating helps to reduce the instances of scratches but will not prevent them completely.
If you order Anti-reflective coating with Anti-scratch coating it costs just £20 (you save £5).
A. Yes, just check the box at the bottom the order page (just above the 'add to cart' button) and we'll add the coating. It costs just £15 extra. Anti-reflective coating reduces the appearance of reflection when looking at or through the lenses which allows your eyes to be more visible, and helps to reduce light scatter from car headlamps. As worn by many Television presenters. Also helps to improve eye comfort for computer users. If you order Anti-reflective coating with Anti-scratch coating it costs just £20 (you save £5).
A. Yes we probably can. If your frames are fit for purpose and not rimless or semi-rimless (supra), we should be able to make new lenses for you if you can post us the frames and a copy of your prescription. For more information and to order your prescription glasses re-glaze visit our Reglazing Your Glasses page. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur with your own frames - it is entirely at your risk. Also your prescription must fall into the ranges shown on our site.
A. No.Sorry. We change our range regularly so any printed catalogue would be out of date very quickly. Our website IS our catalogue.