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In 2003 we started a revolution when we launched Bargain Specs - the first online prescription glasses retailer in the UK and Europe. A year or so later other companies followed our example and now it's second nature for many people to buy their new glasses online. In fact, it's hard to imagine why anyone still buys their glasses at the expensive High Street opticians.

As the competition between online sites became fiercer and more High Street Opticians started setting up their own online offer, we changed our name to "Glasses UK" and increased our range of discount glasses even further adding safety glasses and prescription swimming goggles to our range.

To date Glasses UK hasn't joined in the '2 for the price of 1' type gimmick brigade because we know that the consumer is not stupid - and knows that you never actually get anything for free. We'd rather sell cheap glasses at a discounted price in a simple and straightforward way. If you want two pairs, order 2 pairs. It'll be twice the cost of one pair on our site - but the cost of two pairs at "Glasses UK" is usually still cheaper than 1 pair at most other sites! One retailer is currently offering FREE varifocal lenses - but that is only on frames costing £69 or more. We don't offer free varifocal lenses - but what we do offer is a complete price for varifocal spectacles starting at just £54.90. And with the £15 you would save you could always buy another pair of single vision glasses (from £14.90) from us - and still have change!

So - our advice is look at these so-called 'deals' offered by other suppliers really carefully as they may not seem quite so attractive. We know that when customers come to Glasses UK they have probably worked this out - so our customers are generally more discerning!

For example, our cheapest glasses (and there are several models to choose from) are just £14.90 including single vision lenses. So if you buy 2 pairs it's just £29.80. Most of the '2 for 1 offers' require you to spend at least £49.90 on 1 pair. See what we mean?

All our glasses (apart from the CliC ones) come with a free case. All glasses come with a free cleaning cloth. There are optional extras like coatings, react to light (photochromic) and thinner lenses to choose if you want tthem added and postage is just £3.99 in the UK or £7.99 in Europe.

So, in short, we at Glasses UK sell quality cheap spectacles online and we offer the consumer great value by providing an alternative to higher prices being charged by the high street chain retailers. Plus we also offer amazingly discounted designer ranges and optional extras too. All of these are at incredible value prices too. For choice, value and service why not try us today?

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries, concerns or comments!

An example of one of our best selling range of unisex cheap prescription glasses is the

Another example of one of our best selling range of unisex cheap prescription glasses is the