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As well as the basic package of frames, lenses, case, cloth and delivery it is possible to order some optional (non-refundable) extras as follows:

Sunglass Tint

We offer a Free dark sunglass tint if required. This comes in brown or grey and will depend on the colour of the frame. For lenses which react to light see below.

Anti-Scratch Coating

It costs just £10 extra. Scratch resistant hard coating helps to protect the surface of the lens against scratches which can impair vision. Please note that scratch-resistant coating helps to reduce the instances of scratches but will not prevent them completely.

Anti-Reflective Coating.

It costs just £15 extra. Anti-reflective coating reduces the appearance of reflection when looking at or through the lenses which allows your eyes to be more visible, and helps to reduce light scatter from car headlamps. As worn by many Television presenters. Also helps to improve eye comfort for computer users. (Not recommended if you are having the sunglass tint as the effect is much reduced).

Photochromic Lenses (Lenses which react to light)

As advertised on TV. Lenses which react to sunlight and change colour so they act as sunglasses in bright sunlight and then go clear when you are in less bright surroundings at just £35 extra. No need to have a separate pair of sunglasses. Available in brown or grey. Please note that we may not be able to supply 'React to light' lenses if the varifocal option is selected as well as High Index.

High Index Lenses

High index lenses means that the lenses are made thinner than they would normally be. This is quite an expensive process so there is an additional cost for this. The options available are 1.6 (approx 20% thinner), 1.67 (approx 30% thinner), or 1.74 (approx 45% thinner). If your 'sphere' is over 2.50 (+ or -) you may want to consider having High Index lenses to help reduce the thickness of the resulting lenses to give a more pleasing appearance to the glasses. Please note that the maximum High Index for Bifocal and Varifocal lenses is 1.6. Also, please be aware that high index lenses often take longer to produce so the delivery time may be a bit longer than usual.