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It is important to select a frame that will fit you. The fit should be snug, not too tight or too loose.

All frames are only available in the size shown. On the section pages (where the frames are grouped together) we have generalised the size as a guide using small, medium and large. This is just a general guide and is not an 'official' definition.

Most frames that we sell will fall into the 'medium' category (as most people fall into the 'average' size category). The 'large ones are slightly larger than average and the 'small' frames are smaller than the average size.

On the individual product pages we show the dimensions of that frame in more detail.

To guage the size we would recommend using a ruler to measure your current glasses (in millimetres). You can then compare the measurements of your glasses with the measurements shown on each product page.

So, for example. if you measured the lens width on your glasses at 50mm and the frame you were interested in had a frame width of 49mm the it means that these glasses would be just slightly smaller than your current ones, but would probably fit just fine. If there is a large difference (e.g. 6mm) then the frame would be noticeably different in size so you may want to look at a different frame.

The lens width, lens depth and the overall width are the 3 main measurements to look at. The arm length and bridge width are less important as they can usually be adjusted a bit if necessary.

To measure the lens width of your glasses, measure at the widest point from just inside the rim of the frame so you are just measuring the lens. Do the same with the height of the lens.

For the overall width, open the arms out and place the spectacles on a flat surface. Then measure from the outside of the hinge to the outside of the other hinge across the top of the frame.

The arm measurement is from the hinge to the tip of the arm directly.

If you have any queries about the sizing please contact us by email or by phone.